Kei Shirai | violin




Emily Körner | violin




Dirk Altmann | clarinet



Janis Lielbardis | viola


Wolfgang Wipfler | horn



Gen Yokosaka | violoncello



Hanno Dönneweg | bassoon



Ryutaro Hei | doublebass

Ludwig Chamber Players

#Stuttgart #Tokyo
since 2013


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our current album released oct. 2019


we are celebrating Ludwig van Beethoven


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The Ludwig Chamber Players (LCP) have, in a short time, become one of the leading chamber ensembles on the international concert stage. The musicians of the ensemble come from Japan, Latvia, France, Switzerland, Canadia and Germany. They are principal players with the SWR Symphonie Orchester, Stuttgart and the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, as well as the Saito Kinen (Director Seiji Ozawa), Budapest and Bayreuth Festival Orchestras. In addition, the musicians are winners of prestigious competitions including ARD (German TV), the Geneva International Music Competition, the Carl Nielsen Flute Competition and many more.

violins: Kei Shirai, violin & Emily Körner | viola: Janis Lielbardis | violoncello: Gen Yokosaka | bass: Ryutaro Hei | clarinet: Dirk Altmann | bassoon: Hanno Dönneweg | horn: Wolfgang Wipfler | flute: Sébastian Jacot* | oboe: Philippe Tondre*
*special programs

violoncello: Tristan Cornut | piano: Mako Okamoto

Japan Tour #6

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Information about this production

excerpts from the booklet by Dirk Altmann

In the many years of preparation for this production I kept asking myself, what was everyday life like for a musician in the 18th century? What drove Mozart, what might his relationship with his colleagues have been like? Were there fundamental differences, apart from technological developments, from today’s music scene?Orchestras. 


Our current project together with the viennies singer Ilker Arcayürek and in collaboration with the Int.-Hugo-Wolf-Akademie and SÜDWESTRUNDFUNK, features the famous songcicles by Beethoven. Composer and arranger Andreas N. Tarkmann did a poetic arrangement for singer and ensemble from Beethoven song circle “An die ferne Geliebte” for us.